How to Start a Business Without Money (2021 Tips & Ideas)

We started our first business with a $250 deposit. So, I am qualified to share with exactly how to start a business without money (step-by-step) and share my game-changing secrets. Business is a major key to hacking the tax game and I want to show you how to get started.


Welcome to our channel. I’m Sean with LYFE Accounting. The accounting company that saves people from high taxes and low profits.

Now the steps I am going to share today build off of one another, so make sure you watch this entire video, so you completely understand what to do.

Alright, let’s dive straight into how to start a business without money.


How to Start a Business Without Money (0:00)
#1 Start a Service Company (1:31)
#2 Choose the Right Industry (2:44)
#3 Develop a Valuable Skill (4:44)
#4 Choose your Business Entity (6:28)
#5 Trade your Time (8:13)
#6 Start Organic Marketing (11:09)
#7 Track Your Financials (12:57)
#8 Reinvest Your Profits (14:03)
#9 Don’t Stop Growing (16:19)
#10 Review & Optimize (18:01)
SAVE this video (19:23)

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