14 Biggest Tax Write Offs for Small Businesses! [What the Top 1% Write-Off]

By a Trusted CPA: Find out the BIGGEST Tax Write-Offs for Small Businesses & What the Top 1% Write-Off.

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Every year, more than 2 million taxpayers overpay their income taxes. And this isn’t just pocket change. Taxpayers are overpaying by close to $1 BILLION dollars.

This could be due to poor tax planning, or because they’re missing some of the biggest business tax write-offs.

Meanwhile, the top 1% are using the tax law to their advantage to minimize their tax liability.

That’s why in this episode, I’m going to give you BIGGEST tax write-offs for small businesses.


Intro: (0:00)
Tax Write-Offs Gone WRONG: (1:45)
What are Business Tax Write Offs?: (4:23)
Simple Business Tax Write Offs: (5:45)
Advanced Business Tax Write Offs: (13:04)
How to Take Advantage of Write-Offs: (16:45)

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