MAAFA 21 [A documentary on eugenics and genocide]

This film is not mine. It was done by an excellent team of researchers and filmmakers, whom I encourage you to meet and support, at I encourage each and every viewer to buy a DVD copy of this film and *please support the filmmakers’ work* by whichever way you can. I am posting this as a means to help spread their powerful information — this film has not had the visibility that it deserves, and that it must have.

Maafa 21 is a documentary on the modern eugenics movement, from its roots in 19th century imperialist Europe and in various post-slavery elitist milieus in America, to the Third Reich and its Final Solution for the “Jewish question” — the film proceeds on to today, where it exposes the incredible proportions of the culling of Black people by abortion, in 21st century America.
“Maafa” is a Swahili word which means “a terrible tragedy”, and indeed that is what has been imposed upon millions of eugenical victims across the world, to this very day.
Case in point, the African-American population. After decades of slavery in the neo-feudal South, Black Americans went on to become the prime target for U.S. eugenicists. The main vehicle for this was – and is – abortion. The documentary follows the life and career of Margaret Sanger, a racist, reactionary feudalist, who created the American Birth Control League to promote the sterilization and abortion of “unfit” people, under the abused labels of “social work” and “charity”. The motto was “more from the fit, less from the unfit”, and it was all funded by the habitual Wall Street pack of bankers, lawyers, and foundation executives. In the meanwhile, fascism was rising in Europe, much to the joy of Sanger and her fellow eugenicists, who saw this as a chance to have truly eugenic regimes, and a general “cleansing of the race”, and cheered on as people like Hitler and Mussolini spread their reigns of ethnic cleansing and terror.
World War II discredited eugenics across the board, as people witnessed the ultimate consequences of this social hygienism: the scurrilous persecution of Jews, Gypsies, and other minorities, and then the concentration camp, forced labor, the gas chamber.
When Auschwitz and Treblinka totaled the reputation of eugenics, Sanger and her Wall Street backers were forced to reinvent the eugenics movement, and this was done by a radical makeover, in terms of image, of slogans and of rhetoric. From now on, things were no longer to be presented in terms of racial and social hygiene. Things became infinitely subtler, and the eugenics movement became infinitely more dangerous. Now, it was all about “population control”, “demographic balance” and even “environmental conservation” — the “too many people” discourse that is trumpeted to this very day. This was eventually translated into global economic decision-making via neo-feudalist institutions such as UN, IMF, World Bank. The “too many people”, neo-Malthusian rhetoric is the obvious companion of a general global drift into corporatist (i.e. fascist) reasoning and methodology, and this is at the core of what is now commonly known as “sustainability”. The paradigm is that you don’t raise standards of living across the world, and empower people with middle class economies, and ever improving technological development. No, you keep them in squalor, under enforced arrested development, and impose a commune-type social environment, under “corporate governance” (i.e., fascism). This is what has come to be known as Agenda 21 communitarianism, the UN-sponsored, “socially equitable” organization model for the 21st century — non-development and fascism.
Now, a big part of this, in strictly eugenical terms is “family planning”. This concept is sold through valid initiatives such as the free distribution of contraceptives to poor populations. Yet, its real, ugly, final face is sterilization and abortion. You don’t raise the family’s standard of living; instead, you reduce the family standard in itself, or even prevent it from coming to fruition at all.
The key institution in terms of this is Planned Parenthood, created by Margaret Sanger after WWII. This institution kills more African Americans every year through abortion, than are killed from every other cause combined. It was globalized through the UN system, with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF). The IPPF has many branches and cohorts, and has become the epicenter of a global eugenics network that is responsible for millions of sterilizations and abortions yearly, worldwide, mostly in third world countries. After decades of this, the IPPF has more than earned a sinister right to be known as a global equivalent to the SS Bureau of Race and Resettlement, the III Reich institution responsible for depopulation in the Nazi empire.
Get informed and act. In the past there was one Simon Wiesenthal. In the future there will be thousands — but it’s up to you to make that happen.

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